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From the Commissioner:

Welcome to Football Survivor Pool!

It's a very simple game: Just pick 1 team to win each week. So easy, you say! Yes, but here's the catch: You can only pick that team once so pick carefully. This year 20% of the total pot will be donated to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund (a cause you all know is very near to me) with the remaining 80% goes to the sole survivor. So not only could you win, but you can help make a difference, too. So sign up today, pass it on to friends and remember to make your picks before game time. Good luck!

NOTE: this pool is NOT, apparently of New Jersey. If you signed up for us by accident, just email thesurvivorpool09[at] Of course, if you want to stay in, that's fine too, we love New Jersey.

Total Pot:

Winner: 80%

OCRF: 20%


  1. Pick the outright WINNER (no point spreads) for one NFL game each week.
  2. A team may only be selected once during the season (i.e., if you pick the Ravens in week 1, you may not select the Ravens again for the remainder of the contest).
  3. You continue in the pool until a loss (or tie) is suffered, then you're out. YES, TIES ARE LOSSES
  4. The Peksens' "Buy-In rule" - You may continue to buy entries into the pool until the start of the Monday night game on Week 1.
  5. The game will continue until one contestant remains.
  6. In the event that 2 or more finalists' guesses result in them still being tied the jackpot will be evenly split among them.
  7. If two players are left alive they may come to an agreement to split the pot at anytime as long as it is unanimous, and I get verbal confirmation from both players left alive before any game times.
  8. Each Entry is $15.00. Multiple entries per player are allowed. Please mail your checks, by Week 2 to

    The Commissioner
    8 3 2 9 Wesleyan St.
    Vienna VA 22180

    If you don't have checks or a mailman please contact Courtney at thesurvivorpool09[at] to make other arrangements. You will be deleted and access denied if payment is not recieved by Week 2!
  9. I prefer that you use the web site to make your picks. If you can't get to a computer, I must receive each pick by email prior to the start game. Email
  10. 20% of the total winnings will be donated to Ovarian Cancer Research Fund ( , the remaining amount will go to the sole survivor.