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From the Commissioner:

Welcome to Football Survivor Pool!

It's a very simple game: Just pick 1 team to win each week. So easy, you say! Yes, but here's the catch: You can only pick that team once so pick carefully. This year 20% of the total pot will be donated to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund (a cause you all know is very near to me) with the remaining 80% goes to the sole survivor. So not only could you win, but you can help make a difference, too. So sign up today, pass it on to friends and remember to make your picks before game time. Good luck!

NOTE: this pool is NOT, apparently of New Jersey. If you signed up for us by accident, just email thesurvivorpool09[at] Of course, if you want to stay in, that's fine too, we love New Jersey.

Total Pot:

Winner: 80%

OCRF: 20%


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